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ASHA Voices: Talking Work Wellness With the SLP Happy Hour Hosts

by J.D. Gray
written by
Courtesy: SLP Happy Hout

We all experience work stress, so let’s talk about it.

Maybe you’re feeling depleted or experiencing burnout in some way. Once that cycle starts, it can get harder to step back and revitalize.

“I got home just feeling completely exhausted. It was hard for me to even carry my bag up the stairs.”

– Kristin MacInnis

On this episode of ASHA Voices, we talk with Sarah Lockhart and Sarie Wu, the hosts of the podcast SLP Happy Hour, about how to get some of that headspace back.

Courtesy: SLP Happy Hour

They share what they’ve learned from producing a show about healthy work and personal lives for SLPs for more than two years.

Plus, we’re joined again by our featured voice on tech, Sean Sweeney. He shares how to use apps that help with mindfulness in your sessions or treatment plans.

“Our thoughts are narratives. They are stories, and often we’re telling ourselves stories that might not be in the here and now.” – Sean Sweeney

He’ll share how to use these apps in your sessions or treatment plans.

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Read the transcript for this episode. 

Meet our guests:

  • Kristin MacInnis, SLP, Garrison City Speech and Language Services
  • Sarah Lockhart and Sarie Wu, SLPs, Ashland, Oregon, hosts, SLP Happy Hour
  • Sean Sweeney, SLP/program coordinator, Ely Center, Speech Techie blog 

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