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ASHA’s New Tool Can Help You Discover What You Know—Or Don’t—About Professional Interactions

by Andrea Moxley
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ASHA debuts a new engagement experience to help boost your interactions with clients, students, families, colleagues, and others in your professional world. That’s Unheard Of offers you information in quick, digestible bites, catering to the few minutes you might every so often—waiting in line for coffee, store checkout, airport check in, carpool, or for a doctor’s appointment.

What is “That’s Unheard Of”?

Not your typical digital tool, the new site provides resources you can take advantage of during those wasted minutes. What if during those times you could take a brief quiz designed to help you think about how you professionally prepare yourself to interact with anyone that comes onto your caseload?

Or what if you could watch a short video engaging your curiosity and empathy so deeply you feel compelled to share it with friends?

All of this? That’s Unheard Of!

The site aims to provide practical information in a reasonable amount of time. We understand that there are many resources and information on this important topic. And we know your time is valuable.

Here is a taste of the varied resources available to you:

Checklists and guidance for the initial interaction with a prospective client all the way through to assessment, evaluation, and effective treatment planning.

Nine short (a minute or less) shareable videos to spark interest in your practice and start conversations. Share these with your client and their families. Discover strategies that you may not be familiar with.

Toolkit items, such as a sample questionnaire for prospective clients and downloadable PDF factoid cards for you to check your knowledge.

Are you C²? If you’re not sure what that is, find out. Check out the updated version ASHA’s Cultural Competence Awareness Assessment tool. This tool—in existence for nearly 15 years—can help you identify areas where you’d like to learn more.

Go to www.thatsunheardof.org. Play around with the resources, share the videos with your friends, and take our quizzes. Do you have an idea for the self-assessment or a factoid card? A question you think needs asking or answering? Let us know at multicultural@asha.org. We want to hear from you.

Andrea Moxley, MA, CCC-SLP, is ASHA’s associate director of multicultural practices. amoxley@asha.org

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