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ASHA Voices: Innovations on Strengthening Feeding And Swallowing Services

by J.D. Gray
written by
Georgia Malandraki and collaborator Chi Hwan Lee speaking to a patient wearing their sensor used to collect swallowing data.

We delve  into feeding and swallowing disorders on this episode of ASHA Voices. From incorporating exercise science values into dysphagia treatment to developing new tools for measuring biofeedback, the work of today’s guests is shaped by their unique personal and professional experiences.

With a background in exercise science, speech-language pathologist Lori Burkhead Morgan brings an interdisciplinary lens to dysphagia treatment. Learn why Morgan would only take a surface electromyography device with her to a deserted island.

“If you are at the point that you want to eat three times a day, then I’m going to give you homework.” – Lori Burkhead Morgan

More on Lori Burkhead Morgan’s approach to dysphagia:

Exercise-Based Dysphagia Rehabilitation: Past, Present, and Future
Strength-Training Exercise in Dysphagia Rehabilitation: Principles, Procedures, and Directions for Future Research

And will the sensor pictured below one day play a role in the lives of those with dysphagia? SLP and neurophysiologist Georgia Malandraki shows us the new tool she’s developed. She hopes it will help eliminate the need for sending bulky, expensive machinery to rural homes of those with dysphagia.

This small sensor could help people with dysphagia who live far away from the SLPs who work with them.

Finally, consultant Emily Homer talks empowerment in schools. She offers guidance for how SLPs and school districts can build strong feeding and swallowing services.

“What I have found is that, when SLPs start addressing swallowing and feeding in the schools, it is such a unique area for an educator to be working in that upper administration notices the value,” says Homer. She discusses the importance of using a team-based approach and outlines steps for maintaining safety.

Read the transcript for this episode. 

Meet our guests:

  • Lori Burkhead Morgan, Faculty, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
  • Georgia Malandraki, Faculty/ Research Director, Purdue I-EaT Swallowing Research Laboratory and Clinic, Purdue University
  • Emily Homer, Consultant

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Editor’s note: The original version of this article made reference to Georgia Malandraki being an engineer. It’s been corrected to reflect she is a neurophysiologist.

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