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Spotlight on SIG 10, Issues in Higher Education

by Angela Beckman Anthony
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Looking for innovative ideas—like streamlining the graduate admissions process—to start off the new school year? Learn how ASHA Special Interest Group 10 can help.

  1. What would you say to encourage other colleagues to join SIG 10?

Participating in a SIG is an efficient way to reach out and get to know colleagues and experts through a comprehensive engagement and networking system!

  1. How has your involvement in this SIG improved your understanding of and engagement with colleagues in your field?

Connecting to others who are facing similar successes and challenges in their daily work lives helps to build community. In an organization of more than 200,000 members, being involved in a SIG allows a smaller group of ASHA members (currently 765 in SIG 10) to engage directly with each other on topics of interest.

  1. What is one hot topic discussed by your SIG that you feel the rest of your profession should know about?

The graduate admissions process demands significant effort from applicants, writers of recommendation letters, and application review committees. Recent work in our field, as well as efforts by the Council on Graduate Studies, have outlined evidence-based practices related to admissions efforts. We recently held the SIG 10-sponsored short course “Graduate Admissions: Evidence, Principles, Innovations, Best Practices” at the 2019 ASHA Convention, presented by Robert Augustine, Kerry Mandulak, and Julie Masterson.

  1. What are the specific tangible benefits (access to Perspectives and the online community group, for example)? The less-tangible benefits?

One of the most tangible benefits of membership in SIG 10 is the ready access to current perspectives from the most focused colleagues in higher education issues. Access to evidence-based information (and CEUs!) is available directly through Perspectives articles, while current issues are tackled among colleagues in SIG 10 Community discussions. Somewhat less tangible, but still beneficial, is the ease of access to Perspectives on the ASHA website, and access to the SIG community through the website or the ASHA Community app. There is an unbelievable amount of information available at your fingertips!

  1. What is your favorite recent Perspectives article, and why?

The article “Graduate Students’ Perspectives on Integrating Clinical Experiences and Coursework on Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study,” was recently published in Perspectives for SIG 10. Though this article focuses specifically on a course in ASD, its implications about the benefits and challenges of integrating clinical experiences with academic courses can be applied to other disorder areas. This article emphasizes the importance of clinical experiences for building student confidence in applying content learned in the classroom. This is also a favorite article because it addresses the importance of excellent clinical training in our degree programs, which is key to developing future clinicians in our profession!

Angela Beckman Anthony, PhD, CCC-SLP, is Departmental Honors Coordinator for Communication Disorders & Sciences at Eastern Illinois University. abanthony@eiu.edu

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