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ASHA Voices: How Will January’s Home Health Changes Affect Services?

by J.D. Gray
written by
Young woman with shoulders on an older woman sitting in wheelchair and smiling at younger caregiver.

When changes in how Medicare reimburses for services took effect in skilled nursing facilities in October, we heard stories of speech-language pathologists who experienced job loss and changes in their pay or status.

What will happen when similar changes hit the home health industry on Jan. 1? Listen in as we discuss how to show your value under the Patient-Driven Grouping Model, or PDGM.

The new Medicare reimbursement model taking effect in home health might seem complicated and confusing. But in this week’s episode, we have two experts break it down for you. Find out what you need to know about as we parse the PDGM changes and debunk the myths.

They say that although home health reimbursement is changing, SLPs’ value and your skills aren’t. And advocating for your clinical judgment, and your patients’ care, will be ever more critical.

“We’ve got to always be saying: If you want quality care, you want to avoid negative outcomes,” says Sarah Warren, ASHA’s director of Medicare policy. “We want to protect your bottom line. We can’t make up volume by overburdening the caseload.”

Find out what to expect, and what to avoid, under PDGM.

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Meet our guests:
Sarah Warren, ASHA’s Medicare health care expert.
Jenny Loehr,  a home health care veteran who trains field clinicians in home health and hospice  for Encompass Health.

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