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ASHA Voices: Talking About Hearing Loss … and Solving the Cocktail Party Problem?

by J.D. Gray
written by
Man with hand cupped to ear and ljumbled letters are pouring into his ear.

You know that hearing problem you can have when you’re trying to pick up just one voice in a crowd …

This week on the podcast, we talk to neural engineer Nima Mesgarani. His research into how we communicate may lead to a solution to this common “cocktail party” problem. A faculty member at Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute, Mesgarani tells us about his lab’s investigations into the brain’s role in hearing—and technology that could one day allow us to highlight a specific voice in a crowd.

Also on the podcast, we talk about ways of discussing hearing loss. A new tool from the Ida InstituteMy Hearing Explained—is designed to facilitate conversations on the topic, helping audiologists translate audiogram results to patients. Two representatives from the Ida Institute, an ASHA partner on person-centered care, visit the show to talk about this new tool, and how it makes up for shortfalls of the audiogram by communicating real effects of hearing loss on patients’ lives.

Read the transcript for this episode here. 

Meet our guests:
Cherilee Rutherford, senior audiologist, Ida Institute
Natalie Comas, project and training specialist, Ida Institute
Nima Mesgarani, neural engineer, Columbia University’s Zuckerman Institute

Read recent research from Mesgarani that looks into the brain’s role in listening.

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