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SIG 18 Can Answer Your Questions About Telepractice

by Traci Bean
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Got questions about telepractice? Special Interest Group 18 can connect you with resources and colleagues to help you build your telepractice success.

What would you say to encourage other colleagues to join SIG 18?

Telepractice is a rapidly growing service-delivery model, and many practitioners want information on how to get started using it. SIG 18 is here to help with a robust community of telepractitioners ready to provide a wealth of information. Joining the SIG gives you ongoing telepractice support—based on ASHA standards and best practices—that cannot be found in the social media forums.

How has your involvement in this SIG improved your understanding of and engagement with the field of telepractice?

Joining SIG 18 has allowed me to make lifelong connections with other ASHA members. Prior to joining SIG 18, my colleagues were limited to those in my geographic area and from my grad program. Joining SIG 18 broadened my connections across the country and around the world. These colleagues share my unique enthusiasm for telepractice, and I am challenged daily to learn from them and share my knowledge with the group.

What is one hot topic discussed by your SIG that you feel the rest of your profession should know about?

ASHA has been working to create, approve, and promote an interstate compact that would simplify the process to allow speech-language pathologists and audiologists to practice outside of their home state. Most of our telepractitioners possess multiple licenses in order to practice online. Once approved, the interstate compact could potentially save time and money for ASHA members by streamlining the application process across state lines. Our SIG 18 leadership team has been involved in the process to ensure that telepractice guidelines are included in the compact.

What are the specific tangible benefits? The less tangible benefits?

The most tangible benefits have been the daily email conversations through the community group and the access to Perspectives. I enjoy opening up the emails, as sometimes I can offer help and other times I can ask for help. The other members are quick to respond, always fostering a welcoming place to find answers and share knowledge.

What is your favorite recent Perspectives article, and why?

I first look for articles published by other affiliates of our SIG 18. I am proud of the work that the members do and love to see that work showcased in Perspectives. But another benefit of the SIG membership is that I also get to see the articles from the other SIGs and can be equally proud of the work all of the affiliates are doing across the spectrum of work that we as audiologists and SLPs provide to our clients. When new issues are published, I tend to scan and read the entire thing and always find new information to put into practice.

Traci M. Bean, MA, CCC-SLP, is regional director of Total Education Solutions in Sacramento, California.


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