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ASHA Voices: Become Your School’s Speech-Language Leader

by J.D. Gray
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On this episode of ASHA Voices, we’re looking at how—given their large caseloads—school-based speech-language pathologists can work smarter not harder to maximize their services.

We’ll consider the role of creativity in service delivery and how SLPs can advocate for themselves with Kim Murza, an associate professor at the University of Northern Colorado and former school SLP.

Murza shares ways SLPs can completely reimagine service-delivery by harnessing the power of their school treatment team: “I went to grad school, like all the other SLPs, to be a therapist and to work with kids. And some of these new roles, or hats, that I’m suggesting people wear, might be outside of their comfort zone.”

And, we’ll talk to Sean Sweeney of the Speech Techie blog about tools you can use during speech-language treatment, including a look at “fail videos.”

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Meet our guests:
Kim Murza, University of Northern Colorado
Sean Sweeney, Speech Techie blog

For more on this topic, read Kim Murza’s August ASHA Leader article on how to activate the power of your school treatment team to extend your services’ reach.

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