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ASHA Now, Your New, Customizable E-newsletter, Launches Next Week

by Bridget Murray Law
written by

Attention, ASHA members and other subscribers to the Fresh Ideas or Leader Live e-newsletters, or any of the Access e-newsletters (Access Schools, Access Academics, Access Health Care, or Access Audiology): A new e-newsletter tailored to your specific interests will arrive in your inbox this coming Tuesday, Oct. 1.

ASHA Now will consolidate the contents of these six separate ASHA e-newsletters into a biweekly dispatch with content that is relevant to you. Four content options—for audiologists, academics and researchers, speech-language pathologists in health care, and school-based SLPs—will deliver timely, relevant, and useful information based on your discipline and work setting.

ASHA Now combines the content from ASHA Leader Live, Fresh Ideas, and the four Access publications. The consolidation streamlines the amount of communication you receive from ASHA and allows you to choose your own preferred content. ASHA Now issues will include clinical news, professional practice tips, ASHA Leader articles, research, ASHA updates, important deadlines, and professional-development opportunities.

Get more of the information you want, and less of what you don’t, by customizing ASHA Now across these categories:

  • Academic Issues and Research
  • Audiology
  • SLP Health Care
  • SLP Schools

Highlights of the first ASHA Now issue include workload-management resources for school-based SLPs, ASHA Convention offerings for audiologists and researchers, and guidance on the new patient-driven payment system for those working in skilled nursing facilities.

If you already receive an Access e-newsletter, your preferences will be reflected in the new content. If you are not an Access subscriber, or you want to update your preferences, find out how to customize your content here.

Bridget Murray Law is editor-in-chief of The ASHA Leader.

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