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This Summer’s Biggest Hits: See What You Missed on Leader Live

by Shelley D. Hutchins
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Summer is officially over, but you can still enjoy the season’s most popular posts here on Leader Live. See what articles with insights and practical tips for audiologists and speech-language pathologists were read and shared the most.

The communication sciences and disorders (CSD) professions featured prominently in the news and social media this summer. A major blockbuster movie featured a character with a cochlear implant, while a major news outlet declared noisy restaurants discriminate against patrons with hearing loss. A father-son viral video demonstrated several clever communication strategies, and Congress introduced new legislation targeting diversity in the professions.

Whether you missed one of these articles or want to re-read them, soak up summer’s biggest CSD hits:

10 Conversation Strategies Highlighted in the Father-Son Viral Video

By Diane Paul

A viral video of a conversation between a father and his young child that delighted viewers  while highlighting 10 key conversation strategies speech-language pathologists routinely share with families. The interaction in the video demonstrates key skills needed for speech, language, and communication development.

‘Toy Story 4’ Features a Child With a Cochlear Implant

scene from Toy Story 4 showing young boy with cochlear implant smiling at male teacherBy Regina Escano Zappi

“Toy Story 4” includes a smiling boy with a cochlear implant in a mainstream classroom, but the entertainment industry in general falls short in including people with disabilities.

5 Tips to Share With Parents of Preschoolers Who Stutter

by Alexander Whelan

Although stuttering is not caused by ways parents interact with their child, these five tips can help parents support their child if the child shows signs of childhood-onset stuttering.

Please Don’t Leave My Voice on the Shelf: 5 Tips to Improve AAC Use in School

by Claudia Doan

A pediatric SLP shares five strategies that can help improve augmentative and alternative communication access challenges for students in class.

FDA Approves Cochlear Implants for Single-Sided Deafness, Asymmetric Hearing Loss

by Jillian Kornak

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved MED-EL USA’s cochlear implant system for single-sided deafness and asymmetric hearing loss.

6 Tips to Ease Data-Gathering During Group Sessions in Schools

By Sarah Lockhart

Having students collect their own data and using masking tape are among the ways you can simplify data-gathering during group treatment.

Strategies for Working With Students Who’ve Experienced Trauma

by Cayla White

A school-based SLP scoured the research and found several strategies helpful in her sessions with children who have endured traumatic experiences.

The Best Toys for SLPs Are the Toys That Do Nothing

A teacher is sitting on the floor with her preschoolers and day care students - they are playing with plastic blocks together.

By Emily Ferjencik

Pediatric SLPs often use toys in sessions to keep children engaged in learning. So, which toys should we recommend to parents?

Noisy Restaurants Are More Than Annoying—They’re Discriminatory

By Shelley D. Hutchins

Diners and food critics rebel against the loud restaurant trend by pointing out noise levels in reviews and ratings. A recent article in The Washington Post goes even further by detailing how noisy restaurants discriminate against patrons with hearing loss.

New Legislation Would Boost Diversity in the Professions

By Michelle Mannebach

Congressional representatives introduced a new act to increase workforce diversity in audiology and speech-language pathology—an initiative that supports ASHA’s ongoing commitment to this goal in its Strategic Objective #6: Increase the Diversity of the Membership.

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