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Announcing the New ASHA Leader Podcast: ASHA Voices

by J.D. Gray
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Get your earbuds ready. Just one week from now, the Leader will debut its new podcast, ASHA Voices. A show about how we communicate and how communication changes our lives, ASHA Voices is brought to you by the team behind the ASHA Leader magazine and hosted by J.D. Gray.

The show’s first episode premieres here on Leader Live Sept. 12, but you can hear a preview today.

Listen to the trailer now:

The first episode of the new podcast looks at the link between cognitive-communication disorders and the justice system. We’ll hear from a duo that teaches young adults with autism how to interact safely with the police, and from a professor who says SLPs are the front lines of preventing young adults with cognitive-communication disorders from entering the justice system.

Later this year, we’ll talk with more experts, like a neuroscientist who is exploring the brain’s role in how we hear and communicate. A pair of SLPs will share stories about the success they found using person-centered treatment techniques. We also plan conversations on the intersection of communication sciences and disorders (CSD) with  music, sports, and more.

ASHA Voices takes an interdisciplinary look at the speech-language-hearing professions, bringing the world of CSD professionals to your ears. It features panel discussions, one-on-one interviews,  convention dispatches, and opportunities for member interaction.

Episodes of ASHA Voices will post every other Thursday beginning Sept. 12. To hear each episode as soon as it’s released, follow the ASHA Voices page on Leader Live or subscribe to the program with Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Play.

Join us as we present ASHA Voices.

Got questions or feedback about ASHA Voices? Email podcast@asha.org or write a letter to the editor of the Leader magazine.

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Chantal Mayer-Crittenden September 16, 2019 - 5:12 pm

This is very similar to The Parlé Podcast! A podcast about the importance of communication based out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Raising awareness about what we do is so important!! Can’t wait to listen.

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