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Recognizing Early Signs of Autism

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Close up portrait of mother caring her 4 months old baby in arms, the baby looking over the camera.

In this podcast, speech-language pathologist Amy Wetherby discusses the importance of early identification and early signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). She also shares a new resource—Baby Navigator—that she helped develop to educate and empower parents.

SLPs and other professionals can diagnose autism at 18–24 months. However, it routinely does not get diagnosed until 4 or 5 years of age. The early signs of ASD can cause a cascading effect on brain development. Without early detection and intervention, these indicators can lead to significant social, language, and cognitive deficits—as well as challenging behaviors.

Read the full transcript for “Recognizing Early Signs of Autism.

Check out more resources for early identification and intervention in tomorrow’s post from Juliann Woods, associate director of research to practice for the Autism Institute in the Florida State University College of Medicine.

More about early identification of autism:

SLPs with the relevant expertise absolutely can diagnose ASD, typically as a member of a team.

Based on developing research pinpointing traits of autism in infants and toddlers, emerging tools help practitioners diagnose earlier.

Here’s how SLPs can get more involved in early identification of communication difficulties.

Training Program May Accelerate Diagnosis, Early Intervention for Autism

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