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New Brewery Founded By Craft Brewers Who are Deaf

by Jillian Kornak
written by
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Thanks to three Gallaudet University graduates, Hyattsville, Maryland, is now the first East Coast location of a brewery fully owned and operated by people who are deaf. Streetcar 82 Brewing Co., founded by Jon Cetrano, Mark Burke and Sam Costner, is currently in a “soft launch” phase, with operating hours announced via its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

According the brewery’s website,  the company derives its name from the 82 Streetcar line, which ran from 1888 to 1958 from downtown Washington, D.C., along Rhode Island Avenue, where the brewery is located. Plus, all founders felt a personal connection with the line: “All three of us live on the path this line took through our neighborhoods, and we can easily imagine ourselves hopping onto Streetcar 82 and meeting up at our brewery to make and drink craft beer!”

In an interview with website DCist, the co-founders shared that they worked with a graphic designer who is deaf to create the brewery’s logo and and worked with Route 66 (a company founded by two men who are deaf) to design brewery T-shirts.

With its opening this summer, Streetcar 82 joins the ranks of U.S. breweries Lochiel Brewing  in Arizona and Grateful Deaf Brewing in Oregon, also fully owned and operated by people who are deaf.

Learn more about Streetcar 82 and watch a video from the founders, conducted in ASL, here.

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