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Top 2017 Posts for Just About Anyone

by Shelley D. Hutchins
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Recently, we shared this year’s most popular posts focused specifically on audiology and speech-language pathology. Many of our most-read blog posts in 2017, however, offer insights to just about anyone in communication sciences and disorders, regardless of profession, title or work setting. Really, who couldn’t use information on paying off student loans and other financial issues, dealing with burnout at work, and gifts for children that don’t involve staring at a screen?

Here’s what you all liked!

Navigating Student Loan Forgiveness for Audiologists and SLPs

For the recent graduate, the soon-to-be-graduate, or the new professional: This post gives detailed options for loan forgiveness options that apply to audiologists, SLPs and other professionals working in public service fields. Jacob Parish—a financial planner specifically focusing on helping CSD pros manage their finances—wrote a series of posts, all of which received a lot of attention from Leader blog readers.

For this popular installment, Parish discusses the public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) program, which he says “offers some helpful and applicable loan repayment options for audiologists and SLPs working in nonprofit settings. Navigating the qualifying requirements, however, can be challenging. Here are some tips.”

10 (Non-Tech) Holiday Gift Ideas to Build Kids’ Language, Learningyoung child in green sweater holding wrapped present and smiling up at camera.

Everyone loves gift suggestions—especially those offering children interactive enrichment and entertainment—and these all foster communication or language skills without the use of technology. Who doesn’t want to encourage kids to enjoy face-to-face time with family and friends?

Even after the holiday gift-giving crush subsides, these suggestions come in handy for caregivers or anyone looking for a non-tech gift any time of year. Blogger Diane Paul urges audiologists and SLPs “to help clients, family and friends find a technology balance and spread awareness about high-quality off-line activities to help build children’s language skills and promote learning.”

The Battling Burnout Series

The ASHA Leader’s July issue offered several articles on professional burnout—what causes it and how to prevent or overcome it—and many of our bloggers wanted to share their tips on this hot topic as well. Turns out, many of you wanted to read those tips!

In our print issue, most articles were written by health care professionals, so Stacey Glasgow, ASHA’s  associate director of school services, provides perspective from a school work setting with Tips for Battling Burnout. “Growing caseloads, treating students with complex needs, a seemingly unending amount of paperwork, plus a possible lack of appreciation or understanding of our role are just some factors contributing to this issue,” she explains in the post.

For those running a private practice, SLP Jody Vaynshtok shares how she and her audiologist partner balance patient needs with their own. You can find out how they juggle patient loads, find work-life harmony, take advantage of technology and more, in 5 Burnout Busters We Use In Our Practice.

Melissa James also added to the mix of posts on burnout with her 9 Self-Care Tips for the Time-Crunched Audiologist or SLP. She feels her peers are particularly susceptible to burnout and says, “Communication sciences and disorders professions attract driven people who are passionate about helping others. In my experience, this combination of traits can lead to feeling overwhelmed and burned out.”

New (Free) Toolkit for Parents of Young Children—and Members Who Interact With Them

Child Development Milestones graphicInclude the words “free toolkit” in a title and people will click. And when this free resource generates practical benefits for ASHA members, health care pros with a pediatric focus, and parents of young children, everyone wins. The ASHA/Read Aloud toolkit consists of seven handouts detailing expected communication milestones by age. The resource also offers easy tips for parents on how they can encourage a child’s communication development at each stage of life from birth to age 5.

Gail Richard, 2017 ASHA president, shares how “the collaboration with Read Aloud affords ASHA the opportunity to more readily spread the word about talking, hearing and understanding milestones—and the services ASHA members can offer when a child isn’t meeting them—to a large consumer audience.”

Audiologists and SLPs Share Inspirations and Practical Tools at Convention

Three Leader editors attended the 2017 ASHA Convention to gather ideas for future content by attending sessions, talking to attendees, and meeting with convention-goers in our Leader Ideas Lounge. We gathered more than 200 article and blog ideas—many of which you’ll see in our 2018 lineup. In addition, we wrote four blog posts covering convention highlights. For those who didn’t attend and those who did, but couldn’t get to every session on their list, find out what your colleagues learned, loved and used from their time in LA.


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