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Celebrate American Archives Month With an Exhibit on ASHA’s National Offices

by Mona Heath
written by
ASHA's second National Office at 9030 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Maryland

October can mean a lot of things … pumpkins, Halloween, apples, falling leaves … but here at ASHA (well at least in ASHA’s library) it means the start of American Archives Month!

Last year, to celebrate American Archives Month, ASHA launched its archives website with an online exhibit about the founding of the association in 1925. This year, we added a new exhibit about the history of ASHA’s national offices. You’ll learn, for example, how ASHA had no national office until 1958. Before then, elected volunteers working out of their own offices at their respective colleges and universities carried out the association’s business.

Here are some other interesting facts you can find in the exhibit:

  • ASHA has operated out of five national offices (to go along with its five different names)!
  • The first national office comprised only a handful of rooms on a rented floor in a downtown Washington, D.C., office building.
  • The second national office won an architectural design award.
  • The third national office was actually housed in a former convent.
  • ASHA hosted two dedication ceremonies for the fourth national office—one for the original building and a second for the expansion of the building.
  • The fifth and current national office became the first 501(c)(6) association building in Maryland history to earn the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification.

The exhibit also includes photographs of these five office buildings, the first and second executive directors, and ASHA’s longest-serving employee of 51 years.

Find out more about ASHA’s offices in the latest online exhibit on the ASHA Archives website. And if you haven’t seen the first exhibit on the founding of ASHA, be sure to check that out as well. Click on the exhibits tab to access both .

This archives site will continue to showcase ASHA’s rich and interesting history as we lead up to ASHA’s centennial in 2025. (It’s closer than you think!) If you have artifacts or materials related to the professions or specific ASHA memorabilia that might be of interest to our archives in preparing for the centennial, please contact Mona Heath at mheath@asha.org.

Thanks and happy American Archives Month!


Mona Heath is ASHA’s information resources manager. mheath@asha.org

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