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This Summer’s Top 7 Blog Posts for Audiologists and SLPs

by Shelley D. Hutchins
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Summer is officially over and pumpkin spice now permeates everything as fall progresses. Many readers of The ASHA Leader Blog took some time off this summer to explore the world or relax with family and friends. The Leader editorial team also took time this summer to snorkel in Iceland, chill on the Delaware shore, find the quiet side of Martha’s Vineyard, cruise the Caribbean, reunite with family in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and go puffin-hunting in Maine.

Somehow, we still edited and published two or three blog posts a week. So, just in case you missed the exact article you need to help you stay current with your colleagues or handle a challenging situation, below are the top posts from summer. Enjoy!

What I Learned as an SLP During Hurricane Harvey

Of course readers wanted to hear about the experience of SLP Anais Cook as she weathered the storm’s aftermath at the Houston-area children’s hospital where she works.

Preparing for Grad School or CF Placement in the NICU: Part One

Although this article technically went live after summer ended, it received the second highest number of views since Memorial Day in three days! Catherine Shaker’s insights on working in the NICU apply to more than just students.

9 Self-Care Tips for the Time-Crunched Audiologist or SLP

Who doesn’t want to find out ways to combat stress, overwork and burnout?

Help Clients With Dementia Get Their Appetite Back

SLP Robert Maxwell used his experience treating patients with dementia to create a program for skilled nursing facilities to help people with dementia enjoy eating again.

Watching for Signs of Ear Infections in Young Clients

Audiologist Melissa Wilson and SLP Jody Vaynshtok often look for overlapping conditions between these two professions as they co-treat clients in their private practice.

Proposed Changes to Early and Periodic, Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Benefits for Children

Although this administration’s proposed budget cuts are all still just proposed, audiologists and SLPs want to know what the changes might mean for them.

How to Track Food Exposures and Expand Food Variety for Selective Eaters

SLP Melanie Potock is passionate about finding ways to treat selective eaters and her July article on tracking food exposures intrigued many readers.

Did you have a favorite post from this summer? Please share what it was and why you liked it in the comments section below!


Shelley D. Hutchins is content editor/producer for The ASHA Leader. shutchins@asha.org.

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