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Audiology Students Traveling to Malawi This Summer

by Shelley D. Hutchins

Many students study abroad. Audiology graduate students at Arizona State University (ASU), however, experience hands-on clinical work when they travel overseas. Students will travel to Malawi and Zambia this summer as part of the school’s Hearing for Humanity program. Launched in 2010 by Ingrid McBride—clinical professor, director of ASU’s audiology clinic and ASHA member—the program takes students on a month-long trip to Africa each summer.

Students pay for their own travel and living expenses during the trip, but help host fundraisers throughout the school year to cover the cost of needed equipment and devices. In addition to helping numerous people in the communities they serve, the program teaches audiology students how to work in challenging and constantly changing situations. McBride stated in an article for The State Press that she expects this year’s group will “test at least a couple thousand people while we’re there, we fit more than 500 hearing aids while we’re there.

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Shelley D. Hutchins is content editor/producer for The ASHA Leader. shutchins@asha.org

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