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Audiologist Talks About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss on Baltimore Local News

by Shelley D. Hutchins
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Audiologist—and ASHA member—Julie Norin talked about hearing loss caused by common and constant noise in our everyday lives during a recent news segment on local Baltimore channel ABC2. Norin warned of seemingly innocuous items like hair dryers and blenders, which when used daily for prolonged times can cause damage to nerves in the ear. crowded restaurantShe adds retail stores, restaurants, concerts, parties and other loud public spaces can cause similar damage.

In the interview, Norin explains how noise-induced hearing loss can occur at any age and is currently appearing in more young people. She offers ways to prevent damage caused by noise, such as limiting exposure or wearing ear plugs. And, of course, turning down the volume when listening with earbuds or headphones.

More on noise-induced hearing loss:

Some college students and recent graduates may not realize they have noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL), according to new research from Lehman College of the City University of New York.

Audiologist Kathleen C. M. Campbell is on the front lines of studying a drug that could protect soldiers from long-term hearing loss—and save the U.S. Armed Forces billions of dollars.

Some people may be more genetically susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss than others, according to new findings from a genome-wide association study on mice published in PLOS Genetics.

Seattle Seahawks fans break world records for decibel readings with their ear-busting roars at football games. But what is the cost of jet-engine noise levels to attendees’ hearing?

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Jay Jorgenson November 21, 2016 - 10:01 am

I unfortunately have hearing loss from listening to music to loud and from playing the drums. I had to visit an audiologist a couple of weeks ago just because I was having such a hard time hearing. Not to mention I had a horrible ring in my ear. The Audiologist helped out so much, and I felt so much better when I got hearing aids!

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