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Most Popular 2012 ASHAsphere Posts

by Haley Blum
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Since the year will soon be coming to a close, it’s the inevitable time for year-end lists.  Rather than be left out, we want to celebrate the upcoming New Year’s holiday by sharing with you the most popular posts from ASHAsphere for 2012.  A broad range of topics was presented this year.   We want to thank all of our contributors and readers for making ASHAsphere a continued success.  We look forward to another great year in 2013!  If there are specific topics you’d like to see us cover in 2013, please provide them in the comments.

The Best Speech-Language Pathologist Blogs from ‘A to Z’
Heidi Kay presents a fairly comprehensive list of SLP blogs in her popular post. The comments fill in any missing holes in her initial list.  This is a great post to start exploring the SLP blogosphere.

Google Forms and Spreadsheets—Fun Times with Data Collection!
How often are the words “fun” and “data collection” used in the same sentence?  Ruth Morgan shows you how to make your data collection a little more enjoyable with Google Forms and Spreadsheets.

Speech Therapy Ideas for Preschoolers
Sherry Artemenko provides some great tips for parents and SLPs getting started with a preschool aged population.  Key take-away: Play-Doh is an essential.

Habilitation – What it is And Why it Matters to You
Habilitation is getting a lot of national attention right now due to the implementation of the health care reform law. ASHA’s former Associate Director of Health Care Services in Speech-Language Pathology, Amy Hasselkus, gives readers a quick breakdown on what it is and why it matters to SLPs and Audiologists.

Auditory-Verbal Therapy: Supporting Listening and Spoken Language in Young Children with Hearing Loss & Their Families
Todd Houston discusses the trend of parents choosing spoken language options, such as Auditory-Verbal Therapy, for their children with hearing loss.

Fun Resource for Therapy Ideas: Pinterest
ASHA’s Maggie McGary breaks down Pinterest for the uninitiated. “SLPs and other therapists and educators are ‘pinning’ therapy ideas by the hundreds, making Pinterest an invaluable resource for therapy ideas and inspiration.”

Rate That App
“More and more SLPs are using apps in therapy and more and more speech/language apps are flooding the app store.” Deborah Taylor Tomarakos discusses how SLPs can determine which of those apps are appropriate and useful in therapy or educational settings.

Low-Tech Speech Therapy
While high tech tools and apps seem to be all the rage these days, Elizabeth Gretz shares some decidedly low-tech (and “super cheap”) options for speech therapy.

Using Your iPad in Dysphagia Therapy
Tiffani Wallace takes the app theme into the field of Dysphagia therapy.

Picture Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Speech
Kimberly Scanlon selected and reviewed a sampling of picture books for toddlers that are having difficulty producing Ms, Bs, or Ps.

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