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Better Hearing & Speech Month Roundup–Week 2

by Maggie McGary


In addition to it being Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM), this week is also National Stuttering Awareness Week! ASHA partnered with the Stuttering Foundation to raise awareness among parents and other caregivers about the warning signs of stuttering and the need for early intervention. The Stuttering Foundation has information and resources about National Stuttering Awareness Week which you can use throughout the year to raise awareness about stuttering.

In addition to the hundreds of tweets this past week about BHSM, here are just a few of the many blog posts featuring BHSM ideas:

  • Consonantly Speaking cultivated a great list of free printables for BHSM.
  • The Pediastaff blog lists more great resources for BHSM.
  •  Heather Gehringer, CCC-SLP, created a calendar for BHSM planning, which is posted on her blog, Heather’s Speech Therapy.
  • The Apraxia Adventures blog has a great idea for raising awareness about apraxia during BHSM–31 facts about childhood apraxia of speech that you can share throughout the month and beyond.
  • Not a blog post but a terrific idea to promote BHSM on Facebook and Twitter, Beginnings of North Carolina is running a “Donate your status” campaign throughout the month. They make sharing BHSM facts as easy as retweeting/sharing their daily posts.
  • The image above is by Jakhai Ellerbe from New York City, who won first place in last year’s ASHA’s annual BHSM Drawing Contest.  You can download the screen saver [link is executable file], and also have your students enter the 2012 BHSM drawing contest–details and complete contest rules are available on the ASHA website.
Share your blog posts or other resources in the comments and we’ll continue sharing them each Thursday throughout May.


Maggie McGary is the online community & social media manager at ASHA, and manages ASHAsphere.




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Amber Merchant May 11, 2012 - 8:07 pm

Hi Maggie,
Thanks for keeping us updated with all of the wonderful Better Hearing & Speech Month events and ideas! It’s great to see how everyone is working to spread the word about speech and hearing related issues. Here at LSVT Global, we’re celebrating too!

In honor of BHSM we are hosting a free informational webinar for all speech-language professionals and students, “The Science and Practice of LSVT LOUD: Speech Therapy for Parkinson Disease” on Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (EDT). Register by visiting https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/170419360

This webinar will: 1) briefly explain recent advances in neuroscience that have had a positive impact on the field of rehabilitation for individuals with PD, 2) discuss the development and data on an efficacious speech treatment LSVT LOUD, 3) report on unexpected outcomes and discoveries, 4) discuss application of principles of LSVT LOUD to intensive whole body amplitude-based training protocols for individuals with PD, 5) highlight innovative technology to enhance accessibility of treatment for all individuals with PD who can benefit, and 6) provide information on how to become a Certified LSVT LOUD Clinician.

Anyone with questions can contact info@lsvtglobal.com or 888-438-5788.
We hope ASHAsphere readers will be interested in attending and learning more. Thank you!

Jody Norwood May 15, 2012 - 7:04 pm

We are love reading all the wonderful things our peers around the U.S. are doing to celebrate BHSM! Here in the Pacific NW we have been busy spreading the word of BHSM with events and celebratory cheer!

We started off the month by launching our special website dedicated to education and awareness of speech and hearing http://www.everhear.com/bhsm. On that same day we partenred up with students from the University of Washington to present an “Advanced Communication Workshop” to help inform our patients and members of the community how to make the most out of their hearing instruments.

This past weekend our staff and their friends and family put on their jogging shoes for the Kirkland Half Marathon and 5K where we sponsored a booth and passed out earplugs at the finishline. Here are some photos from our Sunday of fun http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151704828560640.845355.94251370639&type=1.

We have a few more events in the coming week including “Smooth Sailing: an event for parents of children who stutter” and sponsorship of the Vera Stage at the Northwest Folklife Festival where we’ll distribute over 3,000 earplugs to concertgoers! Our full calendar of events can be found here http://www.everhear.com/bhsm/calendar.html.

Happy BHSM ASHA community – it sure is one of our favorite times of the year!

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