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Low-Tech Speech Therapy

by Elizabeth Gretz
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Here are some of my go-to (super cheap) activities (when I’m not feeling all creative, Speech Lady Liz- like).

paper bag activity

I get white, paper lunch sacks and the kids decorate their own.  I put cards in the bag that target each child’s articulation goal.  The student rolls the dice and they have to say the word that many times.  Such an easy game that often gets requested by the kids.

I also use this for my language kids.  I put in verb cards and they have to put the word in a sentence, tell me the past, present, future tense or whatever their particular goal is.

dice activity

This is a good activity to use after a holiday or weekend.  The student draws a picture of what they want to talk about and then depending on level they:

  1. Tell me all about the picture and then we roll the dice and their classmates have to answer the who, what, where, when questions or…
  2. I roll the dice and the student answers the who, what, where, when questions.  I write the answers on the board and then we figure out how to put all the information in 1-2 sentences so it’s cohesive and listeners can understand what they are talking about.


dobber activity

Each child gets a dobber and a month themed page.  We practice sounds and depending on how many they get, they get to either color in or use the dobber to mark off how many they produced correctly.

beans activity

That’s right, beans.  For this activity you need two cups and a bag of dried beans.  One cup is for “good” sounds and the other is for “not quite there” sounds.  It’s a good activity for those visual learners.

I hope this post goes to show that one does not need all the fancy, expensive products to facilitate appropriate and successful speech therapy strategies.  That being said, anyone want to donate an IPad to this speech lady?

(This post originally appeared on Speech Lady Liz)

Elizabeth Gretz, M.S. CCC-SLP is currently working as a school-based SLP, clinical SLP and an avid SLP blogger in Austin, TX. She is the creator of www.speechladyliz.blogspot.com , a blog dedicated to providing other SLPs and parents easy, adaptable, fun and functional therapy ideas to use in any setting.

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Terry Wiegel January 31, 2012 - 1:06 pm

Love the simple, cheap therapy ideas! Those are always the best! For another really simple game, I let the kids put the artic card on the edge of the table and flip it off after they say the word correctly. They get such a big kick out of this simple, fun activity (kind of hard on the artic cards, but fun!). I had another therapist who used to sit on the floor and let the kids push the cards under the door into the hallway after saying the word. We would laugh when we walked by her therapy room! Probably a safety hazzard though (I guess you could slip on those cards!).

Kids Games for Speech Therapy February 2, 2012 - 8:00 am

The opposite end of the techie scale to the IPad – I love it! Apps for Speech Therapy are so new (early 2010?) but they are getting so big so fast. I wonder will it be a passing phase or will we all have to move over to the IPad or risk being considered “outdated” in our practice?

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