Better Hearing and Speech Month Ideas

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As you undoubtedly already know, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), a month dedicated to raising awareness about communication disorders and to promoting treatment that can improve the quality of life for those who experience problems with speaking, understanding, or hearing. Of course ASHA offers many resources for BHSM, but the prevalence of social media sharing means that you can also tap into lots of other resources and learn about how others are spreading the word about BHSM.

Wondering how to access  this wealth of information? One way is to follow the #BHSM hashtag on Twitter. Not sure what a hashtag is, or don’t want to bother using Twitter? No worries–just bookmark this link and check it throughout the month to follow the conversations about BHSM on Twitter.

Here are a few blog posts and other resources pulled from the #BHSM Twitter stream this past week:

If you have other blog posts or resources to share, please leave a comment. Every Friday during May ASHAsphere will do a roundup highlighting some of the previous week’s shared BHSM resources.

Spring Break

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Just a quick housekeeping post to let everyone know that ASHAsphere is going to take a brief “Spring Break.” We’d love it if you’d take a minute to leave a comment to let us know how you’re enjoying ASHAsphere so far, leave any suggestions you may have on the types of posts you’d like to see, or just say hi and let us know you’re reading!

If you’re interested in contributing to ASHAsphere, please fill out and submit the blogger application.

Thanks so much for following and we’ll be back in a week or so!

ASHAsphere–There’s An App For That

Ok, there’s not really an ASHAsphere app–but here’s how you can create one for your iPhone or Android phone:


  • In Safari, go to
  • Tap the “add” icon (see arrow below)
  • Tap “Add to Home Screen”
  • Tap “Add”
  • Voila! You now have an ASHAsphere app! The icon isn’t very pretty, but it gets the job done.


  • In the browser go to
  • Tap “Menu”
  • Tap “Add Bookmark”
  • Tap “Done”
  • Close the browser and go back to home screen
  • Tap the + symbol
  • Tap “Shortcut”
  • Tap “Bookmark”
  • Tap the bookmark for ASHAsphere and drag to the screen

Note: I’m not positive that these Android directions work from any Android phone; I tested them on a Droid HTC. If you have a different Droid that requires different steps, we’d really appreciate it if you’d leave a comment indicating what phone you have and what you have to do differently.

We hope you

SLPs Make A Great Showing for 2010 Edublog Awards

2010 Edublogs Logo

Thanks to Sean Sweeney for tipping me off to the fact that quite a few SLPs have been nominated for the 2010 Edublog Awards. According to The Edublog Awards website, the awards are “a community based incentive started in 2005 in response to community concerns relating to how schools, districts and educational institutions were blocking access of learner and teacher blog sites for educational purposes. The purpose of the Edublog awards is promote and demonstrate the educational values of these social media.”

This year’s nominations include SLPs in several categories:

You can click through these links (the category links take you to the voting pages for those categories) and cast your votes through 12 pm Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, December 14th. ASHAsphere will report on the winners once they’re announced.

* Clarification: these two nominees are actually not SLPs but still provide good resources for SLPs

ASHA Convention 2010

It’s that time again…time for ASHA’s annual Convention. This year’s Convention is taking place in Philadelphia, PA and promises to offer both great content and opportunities for attendees to connect with each other both online and in person.

The past few years, ASHA has been using Twitter during Convention to communicate with attendees in real-time, and to allow attendees and exhibitors to connect with both ASHA and each other. Even if you’re not attending Convention this year, you can follow along by searching for #ashaconv on Twitter. And if you are there, make sure to check out the “Twitter Wall” in the ASHA Member Service Center.

For the first time, ASHA will be hosting a Tweetup on Friday morning at 7 am in the Overlook Cafe on the 3rd level of the Convention Center. We’ll be posting photos here on ASHAsphere and also on the ASHA Facebook Page. Please feel free to add your own Convention photos to the album on Facebook, and watch the Wall of the Facebook Page for special announcements and deals in the ASHA Bookstore.

Throughout the rest of this week, ASHAsphere will be featuring posts by guest bloggers attending Convention. If you have a post you’d like to contribute, either before, during or after the event, you can contact me (Maggie McGary) either via email at or look for me in Philadelphia.

Do you have tips for first-time attendees? Suggestions for things to do or see in Philadelphia? Memorable moments from past conventions? Please share them in the comments!