Tuesdays Are Made for Research


Why Read Research?

I believe in delivering the best service possible to my clients. I want to see the greatest gains in their progress. I really enjoy my work with geriatric clients. It pleases me immensely to advance goals and help people improve their quality of life.  Staying up to date on research is a great way to help our clients achieve the greatest gains. Using the newest tools in the ideal way can bring great value to client care. We can learn more about recent research through conferences, reading journal articles, and continuing education.  But staying up to date on research isn’t always easy. As busy clinicians we have increased demands on our time at work and balance our family life at home. While reading research is a valuable practice, it’s not always the most engaging activity (especially for those of us who are extroverts).

Why Research Tuesday?

I started Research Tuesday for three reasons:

  1. Increase accountability for those wishing to read and writing about recent research.
  2. Expose readers to recent research through blogs. I envision speech-language pats reading blogs and filing the information away. Then a few weeks or months later a client comes along and they think, “Oh! I read something about this recently!” They may go back to the journal article and it may influence their treatment.
  3. Start conversations regarding recent research. Many people need to talk about research or write about it in order to really process how it might be applicable to their caseload and practice. I have seen many conversations on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter after a Research Tuesday post.

What is Research Tuesday?

Once a month (the second Tuesday of the month) SLP bloggers from around the world review a recent journal article of their choosing. Then they write a blog post using information in the article for their audience. Some participants write for other SLPs and some write for families or patients. Either is fine. The goal is to engage in the research topic.   Participants email me a link to their article and I develop a summary of all of the Research Tuesday blogs over at Gray Matter Therapy. You can see recent summary posts here. These summary or round up posts get shared through social media to increase exposure to our conversations about recent research.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you write a blog, we would love to have you join us for Research Tuesday. Just sign up here to learn all the details and get started. It is a once a month commitment and a great community of bloggers to join.   If you would like to receive notifications of Research Tuesday summary posts, then sign up for the Gray Matter Therapy newsletter. You will be notified of all Gray Matter Therapy blog posts, including Research Tuesday posts and summaries.  So mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 11, and see what Research Tuesdays are all about and how they can help you help your clients. 

Rachel Wynn, MS ,CCC-SLP, is speech-language pathologist specializing in geriatric care. She blogs at Gray Matter Therapy, which strives to provide information about geriatric care including functional treatment ideas, recent research, and ethical care. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, or hiking with her dog in Boulder, Colo.