Better Hearing & Speech Month Roundup–Week 3

So many Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) posts and so little space to share them all! Thanks to all who commented on the week 1 and week 2 roundup posts–it’s great to see so many actively engaged in promoting BHSM in innovative, fun ways.
Here are just a few of the many posts we’ve seen this past week:
  • Carole Zangari, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, is devoting this month’s strategy of the month posts to helping SLPs develop  PrAACtical Learning and Resource Networks.
  • Brenda Gorman, PH.D., CCC-SLP, reminds us that BHSM is a great time to spread the word about the CSD professions, on the Lingua Health blog.
  • The UHS-Pruitt Corporation website devoted this month’s Wellness Tips section to BHSM, focusing on hearing and hearing safety.
  • The National Initiative for Healthcare Quality highlights their infant hearing screening program in recognition and celebration of BHSM.
  • Not a blog post, but last week, Pat Ritter, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Executive Director, The Treatment & Learning Centers and Greg Weimann, MBA, ASHA  Manager of Public Relations, conducted a live online chat for ASHA members that focused on marketing one’s services as part BHSM.  The questions ran the gambit from inquiries about the best ways to reach physicians and other referral sources to questions about starting a new practice, hours of operations, and even how to market an open house. Here’s an except from the chat:

Q: How would you market an open house? What would you suggest having at an open house besides staff/brochures/possible videos?

Greg: For the open house, I would invite the local media. Take pictures if media doesn’t come and send the photos. I would have food, demonstrations, videos and perhaps have patients that you have helped tell their stories.

Pat: Make the open house personal. Have lunch and chat about your services. This is best. You can have the brochures etc. to take away. Think of what you like, conversation, interaction a good feel. Market through flyers, letter and personal calls. We do these and with everyone so busy it is hard to get people to come. Personal invites are best OR give value. Do a one hour workshop that would draw people in and then talk about your practice for 10 minutes.

ASHA members can access the full archive of the online chat here.

Share your blog posts or other resources in the comments and we’ll continue sharing them each Thursday throughout May.

(The poster pictured above was included in the March 13, 2012 issue of the ASHA Leader. For more free BHSM resources like coloring pages, book marks, door hangers and more, visit the BHSM section of the ASHA website.)


Maggie McGary is the online community & social media manager at ASHA, and manages ASHAsphere.