Picture Books to Improve Your Toddler’s Speech

10 current fave children's books

Photo by hudsonthego

If your toddler has difficulty producing Ms, Bs, or Ps, otherwise known as bilabials, then check out the following list of children’s books. I have personally selected and reviewed these books because they are enjoyable to read and also contain multiple opportunities to bombard your child with specific sounds. Tips on how to elicit these sounds are also provided. Happy reading!


The “P” Sound

Laden, Nina – Peek a Who

Torres, Cimarusit, Marie – Peek a Moo!

Torres, Cimarusit, Marie – Peek a Pete!

Watt, Fiona – That’s Not My Puppy

Ziefert, Harriet – Max’s Potty


The “B” Sound

Boynton, Sandra – Belly Button Book

Degen, Bruce – Jamberry

Katz, Karen – Where Is Baby’s Belly Button

Watt, Fiona – That’s Not My Bunny

Tulip, Jenny – The Wheels on the Bus

Westcott, Nadine Bernard – Down By the Bay


The “M” Sound

Katz, Karen – Where is Baby’s Mommy

Cousins, Lucy – Maisy Goes to School

Christelow, Eileen – Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Smith, Sarah – Where’s My Mommy

Wells, Rachel – That’s Not My Monkey


Tips for Eliciting P, B and M Sounds

  • Sit directly opposite your child so he or she can see your face
  • Encourage your child to watch you say /p, b, m/ by placing your fingers flat to your lips while you are saying the sounds
  • Apply a small amount of flavored chapstick to reinforce pressing of the tips together
  • Place a cotton ball on a flat surface and have your child watch you put your lips together and then release a burst of air to produce /p/. The cotton ball will then move across the surface. Encourage your child to do the same.
  • Hum a little and have your child feel the vibrations on your lips and cheeks. Have your child do the same. This works for bilabial /m/.


Kimberly Scanlon, M.A. CCC-SLP, is a speech language pathologist practicing in Bergen County, NJ. She provides home based speech therapy for children and adults through her private practice Scanlon Speech Therapy, LLC.  To learn more about Kimberly visit www.scanlonspeech.com.