Share Your Thoughts on Innovation

Innovation—technological, organizational, and whatnot—is seen increasingly by professional associations as essential to research and clinical work, as a key indicator of a healthy profession.

The staff at the National Office are keenly interested in better understanding and promoting innovation in our association and professions. And so, we turn to you. What do you think? How has innovation improved your practice and/or research? In which ways have you been innovative in your work, particularly during these challenging economic times? We’re interested in hearing from you, either through a text or video post!


Gary Dunham, PhD, is the director of publications at the ASHA national office. Before working for ASHA, he served as the executive director of the State University of New York Press and the director of the University of Nebraska Press.


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    Innovations in technology are a great thing for SLPs! I saved up to be able to buy an iPad to use in my pediatric therapy sessions. It has been absolutely amazing. I have an app that has hundreds of articulation cards. It keeps track of my data and percentages, and I can put down the pen/counter and simply interact more with my clients. I can do on the spot recordings to let my clients hear their pronunciation or rate. I use a whiteboard app to practice spelling words – the kids love to write in the neat colors! I post and communicate with SLPs across the world on Twitter (#slpeeps!) and post my opinions on matters within our field and my daily practice on my blog. I simply cannot imagine doing practice without the innovations in technology that have emerged only recently. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us with future inventions!